The challenge every author faces, when publishing his book, is how to sell the content. Do you tell the reader what’s between the covers? Or do you leave the mystery to fester… The reality of the game is that sex sells, and when you’re writing hot blooming orgasmic sex into the story, you can either share it up front, or hold it for the ultimate release. The question becomes one of gentler realization…

Do your readers want to know before they crawl between the covers?

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Riverboat QueenEscaping the Riverboat Queen means a swim in the Muddy River for Clarke, but he’s obviously up to the challenge. A stroke with the current sends him down river faster than he can swim, but he’s safe… for now.

This recently released book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Read at your pleasure.


Bill ClarkeMore than whiskey. Ditch is a splash of whiskey with a run of river water, sluggish with mine ore and gold dust, the drink of miners in the frozen north, near the heart of Montana.

Author, Bill Clarke remembers to be dazzled by the drink of choice, and remembers when he was young and socked ’em back like cola on a hot afternoon. He relied on the smooth taste of whiskey to clean the water, and the water to tone the proof.

Where does one go after a Montana winter?

Clarke resides in Colorado, living the life, with a wife and a son. He’s raised three sons, and a daughter, lived the high life in Denver, and sold his wares out of every hotel from Nebraska to the New Mexico border. The stories he could have told are written into his books.

If you knew him, you might recognize your name…