Montana Big Sky

Bill ClarkeBill Clarke – with a sense of spirituality and love of life that just doesn’t stop, Bill enjoys life to the fullest. His desire to find natural fulfillment in day to day living brings an honest innocence to the written word. Experienced in real estate, health and living, Bill offers his thoughts on life in an effort to bring joy to others. Bill Clarke lives in the greater metro area with his wife Helen and son Jimmy.

Travel is second nature. His journals often carry tales of places he’s been and experiences he’s had that helped him along the way. His goal is to help others. Please, leave him a message and share how his words have helped you.

A published author, his works resonate with Americans nostalgic for times that may have been simpler, yet sought to expound on a cycle of life generated out of desperation, self abandonment, and the search for reason and purpose. Sometimes, he meets that purpose dead on and sets the world on fire with his renditions.