By Bill Clarke

Dark moments surround you, the abyss comes and you feel yourself falling, deeper, deeper, down into the hole that is dark, cold, and lonely. The Abyss of Depression strikes many. The struggle with the shadow of death keeps them reeling in sorrow, unable to comprehend the love of God, faith in tomorrow, and hope for better times.

In some cases, depression is a mental state related to mental illness, chemical dysfunction, or other health related issues. However, there is a kind of depression that is self absorption and reveals a lack of outward focus. If you are reading this and understand that your depression may not be physical, but a choice you’re allowing yourself, perhaps you’d like some solutions?


hope over depressionFocus on life outside yourself. Find someone worthy of your attention and step outside the depression to help another. It’s important to know your own value, but it’s more important to know your value to others. Once you begin to realize how important you are in the lives of others, you recognize love coming your way. You begin to understand the value of life. You may even begin to understand the purpose of interactive association with other people. Focus outside yourself. You can’t be the most important person in your life. You must find an outside source of strength to lift your life out of the doom and gloom of self pity.

If your first priority in life is God, your focus will be on Him. That should be good for starters. Make God your number one focus and step into the light.


Revive the passions of your life. Do you remember how important it seemed to just anticipate an event in your life? How about Christmas? Easter? Prom? Graduation? Where did you lose your passion for living? You lost it back there when you stopped planning for events. You stopped setting goals for the future. You stopped having faith that tomorrow would come. Revive the passions by setting goals, seeking to accomplish and reaching outside your box to the world beyond.

Set goals you can accomplish in baby steps and reward yourself for each step toward the next level. You can achieve great things, you can have accomplishment in your life, but you must take action. Revive your passion for life.


Surround yourself with activities. If you lack the umph to get out and accomplish your own goals at this very moment, get out and surround yourself with others who are accomplishing great and wonderful things. Find a place to belong and help out. Offer to share the load and help another person achieve their goals, in order to gain your own purpose. When you help another, you’ve succeeded in a greater scheme of life. You’ve helped another to live passionately. Breath in and accept the courage and the passion that surrounds achievements of others, and acknowledge your own desires. Put your achievements next on the schedule of life. Add them to your calendar.

Overcome Depression

Surround yourself with activities, take a class, set a goal, join a group where progress is required. The results will amaze you.

Faith, Hope & Love will come to you.

Are you ready to step outside your shadows of doom and live?


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