By Bill Clarke

Crediting Fatherhood with all the beneficial balancing of child rearing is like saying Mom’s are responsible for all birthing issues of child bearing. Not only is it not true that fathers are the only balance in children’s lives, but it’s not true that children can’t be raised well without fathers.

While most any woman would be the first to admit fathers are a necessary part of parenting, most can point to single women who have done an amazing job of raising well balanced loving children without the influence of a father figure. Men often share their experiences growing up with Mom only and recognize their strengths as a result of their mother’s influence.

1 – Realize not all men are bad because your ex was a jerk. This is important whether you’re raising girls or boys, because you don’t want your children to grow up thinking they’re not worth anything because they’re part of that “other person”.

2 – Understand the value of alternative role models for your children. Use the opportunities you have every day to introduce your children to strong role models in any field of interest they choose, and encourage them to get involved in groups and organizations where role models have responsible gender based roles.

3 – Fortify your own influence with multi-faceted experiences of your own youth. Incorporate your own growth and understanding into the developmental process of raising your children. If you had a strong parental role, encourage your parents or siblings to participate in your children’s lives where possible.

Design in parental roles that suit your family, even if you’re not a single parent. As a woman, you don’t have to STAY in the kitchen. Sometimes share a different view of life with your children.

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