Jesse wandered into the water. He was ten years older than me, good looking and strong. He hung his clothes on a branch, and poured more shine in my cup. He sat down in the river and used some soap and a razor to clean up. He finished and handed me the soap and razor.

Well damn, I have taken a bath with my sister, but never with a grown up man before. I put my left leg up on the log and got it all slick and soapy and shaved the stubble completely off all the way up to my belly button, then I did the other one and I washed my long red hair and washed the mud off my suntanned boobs and belly.

girl Those boys watched me like a hawk, all three of them. They must not have figured me for a good swimmer, thinking I might drown. Then I took that soap and washed that dirty thing that was around me, cleaned it up pretty good.

Jesse walked through the water and poured more in my cup. He said he never met a woman who could put moonshine away like I could.

I laughed and said, “I was raised on this stuff, Jesse,” and I kissed him full on his lips and helped myself to his beautiful clean body for a long time. He was grateful, to say the least.

After we climbed out of the river, we ate fish after and fell asleep in the sunshine on the river. I woke him up after an hour and a half and we kissed again and I sat astride his hips and rode that man to near exhaustion.

“That shine is good stuff, Jesse, now I’ve got me two gold rings, I don’t want to hurt you or insult you, would you take it for all the shine I drank?” I asked him when we were snuggled on the beach.

* * *
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“You don’t have to do that, now, not at all.” Jesse denied the exchange, and I gathered up my blanket and white underthings, from drying in the wind.

I was about to leave when he said, “Me and my brothers here and two more at home, why we build things for folks here on the river.”
Suddenly, I was feeling all giddy and excited, and not so interested in looking up that Bill dude. I could see something happening, right here between these boys and me.

“See, right here in this spot, we are going to put up a seven room house that this fellow wants us to build here on this land that belongs to him. We are down here just scouting the location, Patty Cake.” Jesse paused, “Do people really call you that?”


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