Summary –

Riverboat QueenClarke hammers the keyboard like an old salesman with an ax to grind. His stories rake over the landscape as if there’s always more to tell. A wind song, the trill of a bird, or the sound of a boat horn nearing the dock, words escape undaunted. His story continues to grow.

Flirtations with Violet may have gotten him in trouble, but spanking donkeys with Cynthia kept him out of trouble. Bill Clarke edifies his characters and claims his territory in this romance filled adventure on the tributaries of the big muddy river. Wild sex, gambling, murderous gun fights, and cattle drives fill the days, and nights, as Clarke reveals the wonder years of Gold Mining and the settling of Montana’s wild lands.

You’ll find yourself mesmerized by the river, and entranced by lives, and stories yet to be told.

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