Riverboat Queen

Riverboat QueenWhen China Clarke left his five children with his brother John, to return to New York City to find wife number three, scoundrel son number one turned to women. The widow down by the river was a common conquest.

There were more…

When he got caught flirting with precious Violet, her brother wasn’t happy. But the brawl between them left her brother’s nose hanging by a hope, and his eyes black and bruised. To save his life, young Bill was carted out of town rolled into a blanket, by his Uncle’s sexy secretary.

It’s a good thing his mama taught him the Lord’s Prayer, because it comes in handy!

The stop and go trip to Chicago landed Bill in wedded bliss and a free trip to the Montana Gold Mine Country with his new wife, to take care of daddy, China’s interests in the General store. The life of a scoundrel is never pleasant, but young Bill fancies himself growing up eventually, and finds his way home.

The adventures of his past haunt him, and in those final moments, his lovely bride realizes she still loves him. This venture into historic comedy and romance might leave you wondering what century they’re living in, but the heart of the book will tell you right up front, the writer lives in a time all his own.

Don’t miss a single word of this adventure!

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