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“Wow, Twin, look at those two!”

“We never expected this!” Twin replied.

“They are gorgeous. Two beautiful blondes, two red dresses, high heel shoes, and purses. They look like Jayne Mansfield or Kim Novack, or even Marilyn Monroe.” Gene took Kitty by her hand and spun her around twice.

“Just look at her beautiful legs when the hem of the red dress twirled as high as her panties.” Twin said.

They climbed into the limo. “Okay, now drink three shooters of Thoms, fast so your inhibitions will float away,” Gene said. “Whatever Twin and I feel like doing, go with it, don’t freeze up or hesitate, or look shocked. Remember sex sells booze and that is what the photographer and Jill want. So look at us like you want us in bed with you.” Gene instructed.

“Give me another shooter,” Laura asked. She took it right down and looked at her sister and said, “Do it.” Kitty did it.

The limo got to the boats, at Douglas Lake, about 125 miles South East of Jim Town, they crawled out and waved to the fans. Instructors led them to the shoot’s makeup and a script review. They sat down in chairs that went all the way back, and relaxed. “Let me have your clothes please, all of them, all of you,” an instructor called out and Twin said,”Yes, Sir.” They were handed bikini bottoms and terry cloth jackets.

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“Here is a hanger for clothes, Twin, Gene, Laura, and Kitty.”

“Oh, all right, we will give you sun tans now,” and several people appeared and started brushing the actors.

“Now script review, we are going with the beach scene, and need you sunbathing, and drinking Thoms. The boat is anchored off an island in the Gulf and you are laughing and drinking and we have a platter of seafood and a bottle of Thoms and a bottle of Old Number 3. The girls will kiss the men when the bell rings, and then there will be refills. Make sure you are moving and laughing. Start on 3, 1, 2, 3, go, move in girls, and touch lips and laugh, flirt and kiss again, and boys respond and drink, now refill, and boys drink, girls, drink, keep your lips wet, drink, refill, laugh, and boys get friendlier, move the hands over the fake tans and girls wrap you arms around the boys butts and stick your hands down the back of the bikini bottoms, and cut.”

“Break time, fifteen minutes, makeup, cover the hand prints, thank you.” The Director instructed. She came over and asked everybody to close their eyes.

“The shoot is going well, thanks to your professionalism. Now I want some stills, poses, double exposures to capture a dream. Can we do that? Fix the touch spots here and here,” Laura felt her touch her face and her back, and so did Kitty. They felt the makeup brush on the nose and eyelids.

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“Keep your eyes shut, please, and follow my voice. Smile, now Kitty, give me your hand, and up, Twin, lift your right leg way up, Kitty sits right here, drop the leg gently so as not to disturb the makeup, thank you, Sir. Kitty, open your arms and place your face on his chest, right hand on his nipple, face left, and left hand on his bikini, yes, lower, thank you. Now Laura, the same thing, let me help you, thank you. Okay, product placement here and here. Now hold, and breathe slowly, Hold, hold hold, breathe now, please. Catch the sun on her, here, again, go to sleep, and again, again, shoot the product up close, and hold, shoot, here, please. Now men sit up and kiss her, kiss her again, and again, girls press down, boys hold, everybody look left, hold, thank you. Here is a full glass of product to share, each couple. Sip, sip, kiss, sip hold open your mouths, and let it roll off your bottom lips. Now break time, thank you.” She finished directing.

“Sandy Herrin, from Gulf Port, my Director, and our photographer, Kelly Farnsworth from Denton, Texas, I would like you to be introduced to our actors, of course, you know Twin and Gene Rooney, and Laura Carter and Kitty Jackson.” Jill smiled.

“My pleasure.”

Sandy asked, “Any relation to Stonewall?” laughing.

Kitty laughed back and said, “Sure, we claim him, but Mama says it’s not true.”

Sandy smiled, “I want to catch the sunset, so slow dance with a drink in your hand, and keep smiling, kissing, and drinking.”

“Why aren’t the audience clapping?” Gene asked.

“I won’t allow it until the end, ruins my concentration. Sandy smiled.

“Well concentrate on this, these guys are all customers, and if you want to work here next week, tell them to clap.” Gene demanded, “right, Jill?”

“Right Gene, good point let’s have the actors go fill the glasses of the audience now, as a matter of fact,” Jill said. So the four actors dressed only in bikini bottoms walked through the audience dispensing whiskey. When they were done, they did it again, and then they finished the shoot under flood lights and shot stills again to get readers to imagine dreamland.

“This is fabulous, Gene, I haven’t ever had so much fun working,” Kitty whispered between kisses.

“It’s a shoot, alright. Just normal business like shoveling rocks on the railroad. But this type of day is definitely one to look forward to.”

“Now I want all four of you in the water, kissing, drinking washing off your sun tans, let the bottle bounce on the water, as you wash each other off, gently, tenderly, I want to see passion in your eyes, love, drive her wild in the night. Do it so she will always remember you at Douglas Lake, Tennessee.”

“Don’t stop, Gene, keep going, Sweetheart, don’t you ever stop, Baby. ” Kitty begged.

She laughed, she heard her sister say the same thing.


These essays are fiction, the story line created for books to be published by this author. But the warning is vivid, don’t allow yourself to become a victim. For more information about what Sex Trafficking is, and how to avoid it, visit this site – Shared Hope Org.

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