The Best of Storage
By Bill H Clarke

Storage has been with us forever. It helps us put stuff away when not in use and out of the way. Anything can be saved for later and there are many kinds of storage for it. I very well know about two kinds of storage, and what they hold on to for the time being.

Clothes storage is an easy one to explain because it obviously holds clothes. Closets and drawers are widely used for the clothes we wear everyday and seasonal clothes are kept in cardboard boxes. And hung plastic bags are used for dressy clothes that people take to the cleaners all the time.

Food storage is another one to explain. The refrigerator handles food that are packaged and canned food do not need the fridge but a shelf instead. Another part of the fridge is the freezer which keeps frozen foods cold. If there are any leftovers, they are put in plastic containers of many sizes and into the fridge. Dry food is only placed and kept in shelves and cabinets for us to look in. vegetables and dairy are usually kept in crisper drawers and fruit are outside storage in large bowls.

Without storage, it is likely that we would be living in messes around the world today. We are inventing new ways of storage especially for food since most of it spoils anyway. Perhaps in the future, food will be actually stored in computer memory, like in science fiction, and that will be pretty neat.

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