By Bill Clarke

There is a lot of deadly things in the world. Animals armed with venom and poison are most likely part of it. The deadliest of which are capable of killing humans in less than a minute flat. Here are two of the animals that can do so with venom and poison.

The venomous one is the box jellyfish. Its neurotoxin can kill a human in less than four minutes, or is it four seconds? Anyway, this venom is potent enough to kill about forty men. They can obviously be found washed up on beaches and swimming around worldwide.

The animal with the deadliest poison is the golden dart frog. As we all know, the frogs poison is used for darts making them deadly to the touch. The poison itself is strong enough to kill a human in the blink of a eye and having a golden dart frog land on you and you are a goner just like that. Poison dart frogs bred in captivity are safe to touch because the wild ones collect poison from the insects they eat. This was done just for the frog’s safety and survival in the wild.

I am not sure if the death rate is down or not, but these two are responsible for thousands of human deaths every year. Even children were victims of venom and poison deaths around the world. There are ways to avoid dangerous animals and there is anti-venom and antidote for these two animals or will be in the future.

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