Bourbon Nuggets

“They call me Skeeter, because my ma said I make noise like a mosquito. Why did they name you China?” She asked.

“Because I import real China into my store out west.” China replied, “Do you have a favorite here?”

“The chicken is always good.” She replied.

“Okay, Skeeter,” China finished off his last bite of dinner. “How would you like to go to Missouri with me and meet the family?”

“Tonight?” She lit up like Broadway, excited.

“Yup, tonight we start out, and that way we don’t have to answer any questions back at the hotel.” China laughed.

“But I need my stuff, China. Can we go back?”

“Do you want the old stuff or do you want new stuff we pick up on the way?” He winked at her and she got the picture right away.

They took a carriage to Grand Central Station and bought two tickets out of town on the South Bound leaving New York at six forty five.

“Well, this is really nice, China, I have never been in a fancy car like this on the train. There is just the two of us in this whole car all the way to Philadelphia?” She sipped a drink that Pa called a “Ditch.”

It was simply Bourbon and water.

The miners from Montana gold diggings pan gold in the water that ran down the ditch, so they mixed the Bourbon and ditch water and called the resulting drink a Ditch.

“Yes, Philadelphia, and Washington, and all the way to Missouri,” he smiled, “How does that sound?”

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