She Whacked Him Off
She's warned him early in the game, she was only after his money. It took a season or two before Detective Reyna realized he spent it faster than she did, and by then he was living on oxygen, cutti...
A Red Handprint
I put the stew out, the bread, and corn. The Johnson brothers had been drinking since I started dinner. "Jesse, I asked Bill Clarke to do some construction around the office, I want you out working on...
The End of the Wine
"We finished the wine?" Rose asked as she held the bottle above my glass. She stepped closer to me and unzipped my zipper. She then unbuckled my pants. She unbuttoned buttons. She helped me with my...
Sex Traffics Well on the Lake
"Wow, Twin, look at those two!" "We never expected this!" Twin replied. "They are gorgeous. Two beautiful blondes, two red dresses, high heel shoes, and purses. They look like Jayne Mansfield or...
Street Fight in El Paso
Jenny grabbed my hand and she pulled me over to the bar, "Bottle of tequila, two beefsteak, two potatoes, two Gulf Shrimp, Coffee, Kalua, chocolate pie, anything else?" I shook my head. "Send it...
Escape the Prairie Fire
I slept like a baby and was late to breakfast. Understandable, I suppose considering the night before. Freezing my ass off in the dunes was no fun. "I thought you were taking those damn bodies t...
Moonshine On The Water
Jesse wandered into the water. He was ten years older than me, good looking and strong. He hung his clothes on a branch, and poured more shine in my cup. He sat down in the river and used some soap an...
Tender Talking Force
Bill walked up the stairs, preoccupied, talking to his Dad who he thought was alone with a Ditch. Billy asked for a Ditch, before he walked into the room. His head down, focused on cattle count, up...
Big Tits Win Every Time
That's what he said... But was that what he meant? I looked at Woodrow and said, “What do you think? Do you want to hire him?” Woodrow said, “Set here a minute Sammy, and I’ll tell you what...
What is a Ditch?
“They call me Skeeter, because my ma said I make noise like a mosquito. Why did they name you China?” She asked. “Because I import real China into my store out west.” China replied, “Do you have a ...
The Girls Hussle the Winner
Somewhere in your makeup lies sleeping, the seed of achievement which, if aroused and put into action, would carry you to heights, such as you may never have hoped to attain. ~Napoleon Hill I had ju...

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The Venomous And The Poisonous
31 Mar

By Bill Clarke There is a lot of deadly things in the world. Animals armed with venom and poison are most likely part of it. The deadliest of which are capable of killing humans in less than a minute flat. Here are two of the animals that c...

Depression – The Absence of Love, Faith & Hope
12 Mar

By Bill Clarke Dark moments surround you, the abyss comes and you feel yourself falling, deeper, deeper, down into the hole that is dark, cold, and lonely. The Abyss of Depression strikes many. The struggle with the shadow of death keeps th...

Father Involvement – 3 Ways to Successful Parenting Without Daddy Influence
05 Feb

By Bill Clarke Crediting Fatherhood with all the beneficial balancing of child rearing is like saying Mom’s are responsible for all birthing issues of child bearing. Not only is it not true that fathers are the only balance in childre...

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She Whacked Him Off

She Whacked Him Off

She’s warned him early in the game, she was only after his money. It took a season or two before Detective Reyna realized he spent it faster than she did, and by then he was living on oxygen, cu...
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